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I am a father to six children ages from 7 years old to 19 years old and a husband to a lovely wife who has had it up to her neck trying to work with me but continued to hang on because she “sees something” in me.

I am grateful for my wife and kids, and I love them dearly. I have worked hard to provide for them, and I intend to give them the world which I am getting closer to everyday. On my oldest child’s 12th birthday on 12/12/12, I made a decision to do whatever it takes to get myself out of my job by choice and to start working from home for myself.

I actually finally was able to achieve that goal by February 2013, at which time, I was able to leave my job of 11 years and was able to enjoy working from home, in fact, working from anywhere there is internet access. It allotted me so much more freedom with my time that I was able to start reclaiming the joys of being able to take my kids to school everyday and being able to attend all their extra curricular activities. Furthermore, I finally was able to start spending more time with my wife as well.

However, in life, there are always ups and downs, and sometimes certain things come up that you just simply can’t pass on.  In November 2015, an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass on was given to me which was to become the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Sacramento, CA.  My formal education had been in Public Policy and Management, but in all my work years after graduate school, I never worked in management.

But now that this opportunity has been given to me, I just had to take it.  After four years of being the Executive Director to that non-profit organization, I decided to try my hands in public sector.  So currently, I am working a full time job, but I continued on with my online businesses.  Karatbars,  Wealthy Affiliate, and TruConnect Direct are several online businesses that are currently working well for me.  Some of these businesses have gone through some ups and downs, but they have proven themselves to be those that would be here for the long haul.

Lastly, I just want to share with you that my personal mission is to elevate the financial well being of families across the globe through working with people individually and as a team so they can live their lives how they see fit. If they want to be an employee for someone or become their own boss, let that be because of their own choosing. Although money is not the main thing, it can allow us to be able to make these kind of life changing choices so that we can enjoy the kind of lifestyle that we choose.

Feel free to browse around this website for gold nuggets here and there as I share more about the path I took to reclaim my freedom and to achieve my vision of elevating the financial well being of families across the globe. I look forward to becoming better acquainted and possibly go into business together with you.

Yours in Success,

Yang Xiong, MSPPM
Executive Opportunity Adviser

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