Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success

By | March 12, 2015

Success is often the result of laser focus activities and of a certain mindset.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has his own Rules to Success.  Below is a short video clip featuring Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success.


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My personal mission is to elevate the financial well being of families across the globe through working with people individually and as a team so they can live their lives how they see fit. If they want to be an employee for someone or become their own boss, let that be because of their own choosing. Although money is not the main thing, it can allow us to be able to make these kind of life changing choices so that we can enjoy the kind of lifestyle that we choose.

2 thoughts on “Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success

    1. Yang Xiong Post author

      Yes. Arnold does have some good points. I think if we can just apply his rules to our lives, we can surely get somewhere. First and foremost is the rule of trust in yourself. It all starts there.


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