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Personal skills that are essential to being an effective person

Best Version Of Yourself

Often times, we waste so much valuable time on mindless unproductive things that our lives have become mediocre because we failed to use our time wisely. This video will help you get some clues on how successful people in the world think and use their time. Source:

“It’s All Within You”

The title of this post and video says it all: “It’s All Within You.”  We often think that if I can have what others have or if I can do what others do, then we would be happy.  That is not necessarily the case.  Happiness is a state of mind that we each experience differently. … Read More »

Who Do I Need To Become

This video reminds us that if we want something, we need to become what will enable us to have that something. Wishful thinking and hoping will not take us to that something that we want. We need to understand and become the thing that will enable us to get that something. Source:  

10 Habits of All Successful People!

Habit 1: Set goals Habit 2: Take responsibility for your life Habit 3: Have great self-discipline Habit 4: Be obsessed with self-development Habit 5: Read a lot Habit 6: Manage your time well Habit 7: Take risks Habit 8: Keep going despite setback; never quit Habit 9: Find a way to win Habit 10:  Do… Read More »

Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success

Success is often the result of laser focus activities and of a certain mindset.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has his own Rules to Success.  Below is a short video clip featuring Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success.