How Bad Do You Want to Succeed?

By | December 26, 2014

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to attitude and thought process.

The first set of people are the ones who wait for opportunities to come to them so that they can “take them.”  They wait endlessly for some mirage or oasis to magically appear, yet it never comes to fruition.  They end up at some job that they have no intention of being in doing some minuscule tasks that they have no desire doing all because they were not willing to “risk” it.

The second set of people are the ones who find the way to “create opportunities for themselves.”  These are the ones who “make their own luck” sort of speak.  These people are your fortune 500 types.  They live life on their terms.  These are the one that live the life that they wanted to, that they intended, that they envisioned.

The difference between these two sets people comes down to the concept of “fear.”  The only fear that you should have in this life is fear in itself.  Those who aren’t afraid to go after what they want in life are the ones who turn out to be successful.  Every successful person has conditioned their mind to think that they are going to succeed at anything they do.

Success is often the result of not being afraid to accomplish anything that you wanted because anything is possible.  A lot of people disregard it and say to themselves that successful people are there because they were lucky or a product of good circumstance.  But you are your own driving engine and your own brake; you are the only one who can determine your own fate.

It’s about never being satisfied with your past performances and not being afraid to just go out there and do the damn thing.  No one got to where they are without brick walls or stumbles along the way because no matter how good your idea is or no matter how much work you put into it, there will always be those dream killers; there will always be those people who say it can’t be done.

But the only one who can prove them right or wrong is you.  The only one holding you back is yourself.  Any brick walls that come your way… you just have to ask yourself … are you willing to get past the walls or are you going to let it stop you?  These brick wall exist for one reason and one reason only… to signify how bad you want something.  No business or endeavor was magically produced over night.  It is the result of getting past brick wall after brick wall.  It all comes down to how willing are you going to see your idea and endeavor to the end.

You have a choice every single day with what you are going to do with your life, who you are going to spend it with or where you will spend your money.  But if you would just go out and do what you are passionate about at what you believe in, you are going to be amazed at how far it’s going to take you.  You just need to believe in yourself at what you are going to do.  You’ve got to believe that your cause is worth making as many sacrifices as it may possibly take to get there.

The above is my transcription of most of the first video below.  While there are many great motivational videos out there on YouTube land, below are two videos that I feel are the most powerful self-development videos.  There are many gold nuggets that you can take from these videos.  For me, it is the question of “how bad do you want to succeed?”

Throughout my life, everything that I’ve accomplished was a result of responding affirmatively to that very question that I want it really bad; I would do whatever it takes to succeed.  These videos confirmed what I have lived by through the years to be a key to success.

Take a moment to watch the videos and give yourself a boost of mental energy and do whatever it takes to succeed.




DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own these video nor do I know if the people who uploaded them to their YouTube channels have a legal right to the videos.  I’m simply sharing information that has now been made public at YouTube.  If anyone should feel that I’ve committed some sort of violation by embedding them here, please let me know, and I will gladly do whatever is appropriate.

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  2. Emily

    I have to say I feel that all of this is very true and I am saying this because I am the type that makes my own luck. I am a go getter and some times I can go very far and some times have to find the best way

    1. Yang Xiong Post author

      Hi Emily. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to come back often as I would be sharing more about my own personal journey to reclaim freedom. For 40 years, I’ve done what society expected me to do which was to get good grades, get an education and then work. Through out that process, I learned many things about life that I feel are very important for people and especially our children to know. If you have not signed up to be on my newsletter or to receive notification as people provide comments, I encourage you to respond to this post and be sure to click the two check boxes below the “Post Comment” before you actually click that button.


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