opportunity-knocks-once-29221088As Empire Team Builders is about helping people around the world to elevate their financial well being, there are many different crucial areas of need that should be considered and fulfilled.  While certain needs can be met simply by learning from a book, most needs could only be met by actually participating in the “real world” and actively creating and shaping what you intend to achieve.

My way of meeting the needs is to be involved in business opportunities that address that particular need. By doing this, I not only get the goods and services, but I am also able to earn an income which could be just “extra income” or even “life changing income.”  Again, there is no one right way to achieve each of our goals, but I rather get my needs met and get paid for doing it by being involved with business opportunities.

Below are brief summaries on the business opportunities which I feel are legitimate and worthwhile. You are encouraged to do your own due diligence before signing up with any of them. Obviously, we all have different interests and so forth, so my preferences may not be yours, but I have chosen these because I feel that while some of them overlap here and there, each fulfills certain pieces of the puzzle in the larger scale of things.


KARATBARS: The Ultimate Business

I dubbed Kartabars as “the ultimate business” because I see it being the business that all other businesses funnel into. Karatbars has to do with the acquisition of gold to create a gold savings account. Over the centuries, we have seen empires or societies rise and fall financially. Those who had prepared themselves benefited the most while those who were not prepared suffered the most.

There is a real need to also have gold as a savings account for insurance purposes. We could earn millions of dollars in paper currency, but if they are worth nothing when super inflation hits, then it does nothing good for us. In Karatbars, we get paid to help other people save their paper money into gold.

To learn more about Karatbars and its exciting 12 Weeks Plan to Financial Freedom …clickhere1

WEALTHY AFFILIATE: The One-stop Online Business Resource Center

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is definitely the one-stop shop for people who would like to earn from having online businesses. Its services include teaching you from start to finish all the important things that you must know to have a thriving and income generating website for your business.

I have seen other models with similar services, but those other models are designed to “upsell” you and your team members. If you don’t purchase the service first yourself, then you cannot receive the more advanced trainings, and you cannot make commissions from the sale of those higher level services.

At WA, there are only two subscription levels, you will not be “upsell” for unnecessary trainings and so forth. As we utilize the trainings in WA, we develop the necessary skills to be successful online.  As we promote WA, we also get paid commissions.

To learn more about this one-stop online resources shop and get your FREE websites …clickhere1


There is a reason why I said “free, free, free” regarding TruConnect Direct.  Everything about this opportunity is truly free.  It is free for the customers; It is free phone service, and it is free for the agent to participate in the affiliate program.

While everything is free, it is quite lucrative if you put in the time and effort to build your agent and customer base.

To learn more about how to capitalize on this government based free program …



The above is my current list of business opportunities that I feel are going the right direction. I recommend taking some time to review each of them and start signing up with the ones that most interest you. While I do want you to “duplicate” me by signing up with all of them, I want you to be realistic about your financial situation and your commitment level. Only do what you can afford to do. Naturally, as you become successful at whatever you signed up for, you will have the capacity to sign up for other businesses.

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