philosophyWhile there is no one correct approach to elevate the financial well being of families across the globe, through personal experience, formal training, and many years of trial and error, I observed that if we would focus on becoming very good at a few simple things or enhancing them to the next level, then everything else would fall into place.

As the tagline of my company name indicates, these things are “personal & professional skills development, teamwork, and duplication” – thus, my philosophy.

Personal & Professional Skills Development

eld-skills-development-iconRegardless of what one may claim about how simple a certain business or system is, a person will not likely be able to achieve the desired results of having financial success if that person lacks key personal and professional skills.

As Dr. Steven R. Covey teaches in his “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” to become effective in attaining goals, one must align oneself to what he calls “true north” principles of a character ethic.  One must first become independent, interdependent, and continually improve. Otherwise, one will likely run in circles.

At Empire Team Builders, not only would I work with my team members to make money online, I also work with them to develop key personal & professional skills so that they can become effective at attaining their own personal goals.

In fact, if you ask effective people what is an essential ingredient to their successes, you will find that before they attained their outward riches, they were rich from the inside first.  It starts with developing ones mind, how one views the world, and how one reacts to circumstances that come.  The ability to deal effectively with all of these things will greatly determine ones ability to attain financial success.

I don’t claim to be a guru like Anthony Robins, Brian Tracy, or others, but I have learned a thing or two throughout my life regarding certain key personal and professional skills which have enabled me to have achieved all that I’ve set my mind on.  I would be sharing these secrets with those who choose to work with me.


teamworkAs it often has been said, team stands for “Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.”  Once we have learned to become effective individuals at both of the personal and professional levels, there is a need to work with others so more can be achieved.

At Empire Team Builders, the focus is not only on oneself but also on the whole team.  The goal is to help turn those who desire it to become builders of online empires or “empire team builders.”


network-marketing-success-duplicationOver the years, I’ve seen many business models, and there is no one right model to achieve your goals; but for me, I believe in the model of multilevel marketing (MLM) or network marketing where the concept of duplication is at the core so that even if I use only 10% of my efforts, I could still possibly earn equal to or exceed someone who uses 100% of their efforts in a traditional job setting.

This is possible because with MLM, we would be harnessing the power of duplication where our earnings are achieved not only by our personal efforts but by the efforts of the team as we work to duplicate each other throughout the business.

kiyosaki-and-network-marketing-4At one point and even now to an extent, the MLM model had been negatively stigmatized due to the number of scams and unscrupulous individuals out there trying to make “quick money,” but Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have made statements that if they had to restart their business lives all over again, they would choose the network marketing model. Why would billionaires like these two prominent businessmen say this?  It is because MLM can work.  It can give someone with a very modest budget the opportunity to build multi-million dollar businesses with a very small start up cost.

freedomPersonally, I have experienced first hand the power of MLM which freed me from my traditional 9 – 5 job.  In a previous company, I personally signed up just about 30 people, but my organization grew to be over 5,000 people.  If MLM is done correctly, one truly can harness the power of hundreds and even thousands of people to help one earn.

And so, I have chosen to work with several multilevel marketing businesses which are all internet based as vehicles to achieve the vision of elevating the financial well being of families across the globe.  Click on the button below to review the preferred business opportunities.


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    1. Yang

      Thank you. My intention is to share my “real world” experiences so that my readers would benefit from it.

    1. Yang

      MLM is a great concept. I will be writing more about it but like everything else, there are usually two sides to the story. Soon I will post more on this topic.


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