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Since August 2014, many people, mostly Hmong and Nigerians, were introduced to what looked like a promising business opportunity called Seer Binary by Long Yang.  I had the privilege of working closely with Long to help promote the opportunity and recruited personally over 40 people into the company.  My organization grew to be 243 people which is probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the total number people in Seer Binary.

As of the present time (January 20, 2015), I still hold rank number one in the company for having signed up the most people directly.  I say this not to brag, but to make the point that I was a firm believer in the opportunity and had worked hard to help build it up.  There is every reason for me to continue to promote Seer Binary as I have a lot to gain, but I no longer promote this company in good conscience due to the company’s unwillingness to do the right things for its membership base.

Over the last several months, at the request of members and because of my own personal want to do the right things, I have published several postings regarding the Seer Binary experience.  Below are the postings in chronological order so you could see the flow of things:

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